Volcano creatives 'rap' it up at the 2010 Pendoring Awards

Two of Volcano Advertising's young creatives, Lucky du Plessis and Tarryn Bezuidenhout, won themselves a boat trip at the recent Pendoring awards by creating and performing the best Afrikaans rap ('kletsrym').
Volcano creatives 'rap' it up at the 2010 Pendoring AwardsAccording to the rules of the competition, the rap had to be in Afrikaans and about Afrikaans. Lucky and Tarryn have been 'famed' in the agency for their catchy 'beat box' - music made with their mouths, which became the backing track for their rap. After that, says Tarryn, "everything fell into place".

"We created a battle between English and Afrikaans, with Afrikaans taal thwacking it and coming out on top in the end. We rapped about the two languages; the different cultures and quirks defining each language. Because Lucky is Afrikaans and I'm English, it was the perfect situation, where we could rap about the jokes that already existed between us," says Tarryn.

Lucky adds: "The process of making the rap was a lot of fun. I love Afrikaans and I enjoy being creative with the language!"

Watch the rap video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3UmMBGtALQ.

Or www.volcano.co.za.

18 Nov 2010 23:27