Volcano's instinct guides the Loerie home

Volcano Advertising has been awarded a bronze Loerie Award within the TV and Cinema category for the Garmin 'Instinct' campaign.
Walter Mech of Garmin SA commented, "The TV commercial was created and produced locally which is a real feather-in-the-cap for the local advertising industry. The 'Instinct' campaign, developed by our partners, Volcano, saw an immediate reaction within the market, due to is unique approach to conveying the key brand intrinsic - 'Garmin consumers need not worry about navigating but can rely on a trusted brand to ensure they arrive safely at their destination'."

The campaign quickly started receiving accolades from leading and influential media channels which included, Talk Radio 702 Andy Rice's 'Hero of the Week' award on his Ad Feature slot, Saturday Star Media and Marketing's Orchid of the week by Brendan Seery, it was ranked in the top three adverts on the international website bestadsontv.com, CNBC Africa voted the campaign the best in November 2009, Jeremy Maggs gave the advert a thumbs up on his ETV Maggs on Media TV series, it appeared in Luerzer's Archive and recently was awarded a Cannes 2010 Finalist Certificate.

"We are extremely proud of the local and international success of the campaign. Our main objective was to ensure the campaign took the viewer on an exciting journey and appealed to a broad audience, but more importantly demonstrated the dependable and innovative nature of the Garmin brand. The 'Instinct' campaign has provided Garmin with a strong platform for future campaigns. We have exciting plans for the Garmin brand," concluded Walter Mech.

The agency was nominated for five Loerie Awards for campaigns undertaken for Benylin, The Star newspaper's Operation Snowball and Popular Mechanics, with both the 'Wildebeest' and 'Salmon' Garmin TV commercials being nominated.

"It was an unforgettable experience and a true career highlight for me to be part of the development of the Garmin campaign, which has received numerous accolades and has travelled the globe. Being acknowledged by the industries benchmark, the Loerie Awards has however taken that level of excitement and pride to an entirely different level," commented Volcano Creative Director, Francois Boshoff. "We thank Garmin for intrusting their brand with Volcano and we look forward to further showcasing the enormous creative potential within Volcano," concluded Glenn Jeffery, Volcano Creative Director.

Visit www.volcano.co.za or www.garmin.co.za for more agency/product related information respectively.

5 Oct 2010 11:51


ad man
ai shame!-
C'mon people, can you really gloat over a bronze award??I mean, how desperate can you get.Volcano just worker harder and come back with a gold next time.until u do, just shelve it.
Posted on 6 Oct 2010 12:19