Volcano Advertising relies on instinct to guide Garmin

Volcano Advertising was tasked by Garmin, the world leader in navigation technology and innovator in consumer electronics, to demonstrate creatively the brand's key intrinsic - Garmin consumers need not worry about navigating but can rely on a trusted brand to ensure they arrive safely at their destination.
Volcano Advertising relies on instinct to guide Garmin
Volcano Advertising relies on instinct to guide Garmin
Volcano Advertising relies on instinct to guide Garmin
Known for its creativity and winner at the 2009 Loerie Awards, Volcano conceptualised the idea of comparing animals' natural built-in instinct versus the need for humans to rely on an external navigation tool. This golden thread was used to weave a story for both the radio and TV advert, brought to life by team leaders Francois Boshoff, Creative Director, and Tasha Hodgson, Senior Copywriter, of Johannesburg-based ad agency, Volcano.

“The challenge was to make the idea reality,” commented Boshoff. “We researched the migration of wildebeest - a truly African animal - and it became very clear to us that this inspirational animal and its incredible journey would demonstrate what we had set out to achieve. Just referencing material from the POV (Point-Of-View) of an animal proved difficult; however there was plenty of human POV reference, but nothing that delivered the actual journey from the POV of an animal. Technically, both scripts presented their own challenges so we knew we had to find very talented partners to meet our campaign objectives, as such we appointed Egg Films and Left Post.”

Further challenges were faced head-on by the Volcano team, which included turning pre-production on its head: the two weeks of off-line editing, hours of researching documentary footage, short-listing shots visually interesting and finally editing together sequences that would allow for live action shots to be stitched together with stock footage.

The biggest challenge however was filming the very specific setups and camera movements - with live wildebeest performance - which proved to be one of the more challenging areas of production. This live footage and stock footage were then stitched together to create a ‘single' fluid shot, the end result a truthful depiction of migrating wildebeest.

Walter Mech of Garmin SA commented: “Garmin is seen as a leader within the field of navigation and as a front-runner in the innovation of consumer electronics. As such we demand creative, well-executed campaigns that demonstrate our brand essence. The migration of a wildebeest is one of two Garmin TV adverts that will be released this year, the second launching in November with an equally exciting approach. The Volcano team certainly delivered on the brief and objectives as they were originally given by Garmin.”

The Garmin Instinct campaign can currently be seen and heard on SABC TV and radio stations as well as e.tv and the DStv boutique. Visit www.garmin.co.za for more product-related information.

For more information on Volcano visit www.volcano.co.za.

10 Nov 2009 14:54