Smiles all round!

Towards the end of last week, Volcano Advertising celebrated the true spirit of the festive season by hosting a special Christmas party for the children of Lulamani Day Care Centre from Kenana squatter camp in Rabie Ridge. The party was hosted at Yeesh! Play Centre in Woodmead.
Smiles all round! - Volcano
For these precious little children, it was such a treat in so many ways - the fun playground, place to run and play, scream and laugh, the food and treats and abundance of gifts. Father Christmas was truly joyous and jolly and helped make this Christmas celebration even more special and memorable for the children, a day that they will remember for a very long time.

Volcano Advertising firmly believes in giving back to less fortunate communities, and could not let the festive season go by without at least attempting to brighten up the days of children in less fortunate communities. “We wanted our staff members to experience the joy of giving by not only making a monetary contribution. We were astounded by our own staff. Their hearts are so big and this was evident in the number of our own staff members who signed up to be involved in this project either by donating their time, their money or in arranging this fantastic event,“ says Paul Jackson, Volcano Advertising MD.

An event such as this would not be possible without the generosity of our clients and friends; we thank all our sponsors for making this event such a memorable day. We would like to thank Yeesh! Play Centre, House of Busby for backpacks, Biscuit Mecca for the biscuits and crisps, Cadbury's for the chocolate hampers, Duracell for the bunnies and Kellogg's for the Rice Krispies bowl and Kung Fu Panda toys.

Volcano Advertising linked up with Magical Moments, a non-profit organisation which gives children a chance to escape from the harsh world that they come from and live in. Magical Moments believes in giving children a chance to play, to laugh, to have fun, to indulge, to celebrate, to be children and for one magical moment, to forget. The children that we hosted come from severely financially disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds.

“You helped us create an 'Extra-ordinary Day' - a day different from yesterday and different from tomorrow - a day of fun, colour, treats, love and laughter,” concludes Ilana Friedman, Magical Moments. For more information on Magical Moments please visit

Smiles all round! - VolcanoSmiles all round! - Volcano
Smiles all round! - VolcanoSmiles all round! - Volcano
Smiles all round! - VolcanoSmiles all round! - Volcano

3 Dec 2008 18:59