Volcano assists Sony in launching new camera range

Volcano's advertising and PR divisions have assisted Sony in successfully launching four new α (Alpha) Digital-SLR cameras at The Castle in Kyalami to the key media and dealers.
Volcano assists Sony in launching new camera range - Volcano
Expanding the range of cameras follows on Sony's entry into the D-SLR market 18 months ago and subsequently gaining 10% of the market with just one model. The offering now includes four cameras, a range of 26 lenses and a full complement of accessories – highlighting Sony's commitment to be the number one D-SLR brand and camera choice in the very near future.

To demonstrate the outstanding features of the cameras, three different scenarios were set up to mimic lifelike photographic activities. The first scenario included two ballerinas who danced continuously while being photographed to illustrate the exceptional accurate motion photography that can be expected of these cameras.

In the second scenario, a bride in a wedding dress posed in an exterior setting. This illustrated the cameras' ability for crystal-clear, detailed photography. The third scenario raised the blood temperature and pressure of the photographers with a scarlet Ferrari - complete with the obligatory car show models. This demonstrated the incredible colour and contrast reproduction of the Sony technology in the cameras. We also used professional photographer, Michael Knight, to demonstrate the features and provide insightful photographic tips.

Volcano assists Sony in launching new camera range - Volcano
Volcano assists Sony in launching new camera range - Volcano

Jason Smith, Product Manager for Digital Imaging at Sony, complimented Volcano on a highly creative launch: “We know that the media and our dealers have to attend many new product launches on a continuous basis... so, we need to make it exciting as well as educational for them. An impactful and informative launch event like this one, ensures knowledge and enthusiasm when evaluating or selling our products.”

12 Mar 2008 14:55