The game is on with Volcano Advertising and Nu Metro Interactive

After successfully winning the licence to distribute Eidos back catalogue gaming titles within the South African market, Nu Metro Interactive (NMI) garnered the expertise of Volcano Advertising to develop a unique umbrella brand platform for these back catalogue Eidos titles.
Undertaking an extensive consumer insights research programme to gain a better understanding of the rapidly shifting landscape of the gaming market, Volcano Advertising was able to develop a relevant brand strategy which formed the basis of its single-minded and highly impactful ‘Play bigger. Play better. Play more... For less' campaign for Eidos Gaming.

The agency utilised television as the above-the-line medium best suited to communicate the Eidos Gaming message in terms of audience-reach and impact. This was then translated into fully integrated in-store materials and promotional communications programme guaranteed to generate the required in-store stimuli and motivation to purchase.

As the central campaign brand iconography, the universally accepted ‘start button' symbol was developed by the agency as the campaign theme. This was based on in-depth research, which clearly identified the ‘start button' as the definitive icon which epitomises for gamers the start of the sheer pleasure and anticipation of gaming. This was therefore utilised as a purchase cue to effectively push both PC and PS2 games at a single price point.

“The promotional brand footprint we have created is the foundation of all future gaming launches and sales and is used consistently throughout all communications and materials, be it ATL, BTL and POP,” comments Terri-Leigh Blomeyer, Volcano Advertising Business Director. “The recognisable footprint encourages repurchase as it becomes a credible and instantly recognisable symbol. The introduction of this unique brand platform allows for a distinctive visual and copy treatment that speaks the Gamer's language. It reflects the aspirations and desires of this select gaming fraternity and was specifically designed to showcase the full colour PC and PS2 gaming titles being promoted. The campaign is aimed at the most important gaming target market, which has been identified as LSM 7-10 tweens, teens and ‘young at heart' adults. To give credence to NMI's promise of ‘Play more for less', a highly attractive promotional price offering is also being offered.”

12 Oct 2007 14:33