Volcano and Sony paint the town

After the success of the much talked-about multi-coloured balls integrated ad campaign for Sony BRAVIA television, the bar was set extremely high for a follow-up campaign. In the ‘balls' ad, more than 250 000 balls went rushing and bouncing down the streets of San Francisco in a kaleidoscope of bright colours, giving impetus to Sony's testimony of: "colour like.no.other".
In Sony's new BRAVIA campaign they literally paint the town. Multi-coloured paint explodes from high-rise buildings and the ground around it in a symphonic dance that ends with the colours raining down over a playground.

Volcano and Sony paint the town - Volcano

Volcano extended the TV ad through-the-line to outdoor, print and in-store campaigns. The exploding paint theme is used effectively to demonstrate the superior colour reproduction of Sony's BRAVIA High Definition LCD televisions and achieves the key objective of highlighting the intrinsic supremacy of Sony's BRAVIA Engine that provides vivid, life-like colours for the viewer.

Volcano and Sony paint the town - Volcano

Paul Jackson of Volcano says: “Sony's latest ‘paint' campaign grabs the attention because of its originality and use of stunning visuals in all communication activities to the consumer. It's breaking through the advertising clutter in the consumer electronics market.”

Volcano and Sony paint the town - Volcano

14 Sep 2007 12:05