Brand Scan children's research establishes what's 'cool'

Since the early 1990s, Reggie’s Dunk has been one of South Africa’s iconic children’s television quiz shows and a hot favourite among the target market. To ensure the show is still relevant to today’s children, Reggie’s commissioned market research to explore the current insights and perceptions of the Reggie’s Dunk television show, to establish how it could be improved.
Brand Scan children's research establishes what's 'cool'“In the children’s market there are always surprises, that’s the delight about doing research, you wait for these and it’s a matter of how you use those surprises and insights to your best advantage. With the work that Brand Scan did for us, it was easy to do that,” comments Issy Zimmerman, Reggie’s Director.

Brand Scan, a leading video insights company and division within the Volcano Group, were requested to use their unique research methodology to interview a sample of primary school children in selected Johannesburg schools.

These video interviews covered children aged 7 to 9 years, as well as older children between 10 and 12 years. The research was conducted during the aftercare period and children were keen and excited to be able to voice their opinions about this television program.

“The impact of conducting this research on video was powerful in that critical feedback was played back first hand to the Reggie’s marketing team. Important issues such as their favourite TV shows, their likes and comments on Reggie’s Dunk, popular prizes that they would like to win, as well as slight changes that would enhance the program and ensure the ‘cool’ elements were retained and improved,” comments Allan Tennant, Brand Scan Managing Director.

Once the Brand Scan research was completed, key insights and strategic direction were formulated, which resulted in the Reggie’s Dunk creative and media being adjusted.

The key insights garnered from the research highlighted the fact that Playstation is an extremely popular choice of prize for kids and that Mauritius is a desirable prize destination for the family. The insights also confirmed that Reggie’s Dunk has been a brand building vehicle for Reggie’s and the positive spin-off Reggie’s receives from the show, has proved to be successful.

“The children’s market is a unique market and it is critical to keep a finger on the pulse to ensure a ‘cool’ image at all times. The in-school research that Brand Scan undertook for the Reggie’s Dunk show was pertinent and most insightful,” concludes Zimmerman.
5 Feb 2007 18:32