Black Diamond home entertainment market booms

Brand Scan, a consumer insights company within the Volcano Group, was recently commissioned by Nu Metro Home Entertainment to establish the entertainment habits of the lucrative and fast growing Black Diamond segment and to specifically explore their purchase and usage behaviours relating to home movies.
Black Diamond home entertainment market booms
Brand Scan utilised indepth face-to-face video interviews with respondents in the four major sectors of the Black Diamond, as developed by the UCT Unilever Institute, namely Established, Young Families, Start-Me-Ups and Mzansi Youth.

Segments of the Black Diamond were shown to be already actively buying DVD's with a potential to become collectors in the future. Other groupings were still enjoying renting DVD's and triggers were established as to what marketing and communication was required to convert these consumers to DVD purchasers. Key insights were generated regarding the DVD interests of the Black Diamond, as well as what titles appealed to them. Some interesting results came to the fore, dismissing preconceptions the industry has about this market. For example, those stereotypical icons such as Jackie Chan and Will Smith are what this market wants and that this market only rents... for the latter, they have strong purchasing habits in some segments, already having large DVD libraries at home.

Black Diamond home entertainment market booms
Their buying habits and channel preferences were investigated by sector, as well as establishing what ideal environment needs to be created for DVD sales to take place. DVD sales were found to becoming more popular and a strategy was created and implemented to accelerate this growth.

Fay Amaral, CEO of Nu Metro Home Entertainment, was delighted that Brand Scan, through a video research intervention, was able to highlight the critical importance of the Black Diamond for potential future DVD sales. "Although an overall strategy could be applied to reach this market, individual sub strategies are appropriate when targeting the various sectors of the Black Diamond. The challenge will be to develop new channels to market, to make available a broader range of titles and to entice consumers through more varied promotional offerings."

19 Oct 2006 14:02