Volcano Advertising captivates audiences with Toys R Us Roboreptile commercial

Volcano Advertising recently created a riveting Toys R Us television commercial to drive sales for the newly launched Roboreptile, the next generation of robotic toys.

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The 30" commercial, produced by Ministry of Illusion, was shot on location in the Toys R Us Boksburg store and captivates audiences by creating a mysterious and suspense filled atmosphere.

"The concept behind the creative was to highlight the impact Roboreptile would have on all the toys, if let loose in a toy store. The tongue-in-cheek commercial is brought to life by mimicking movie scenes of terror, invasion and evacuation. The commercial aims to create anticipation and desire for Roboreptile and highlights the older target market of the interactive toy," comments Greig Watt, Volcano Advertising Art Director.

From 18 September until 30 September, the commercial will be flighted across all channels including MNET, SABC, DSTV and ETV. The commercial will also be flighted in cinemas nationwide, during November and December 2006.

Continuing the theme of the TV commercial, Volcano Advertising has rolled out a marketing campaign to include in-store posters, as well as the implementation of a unique marketing tool, Window Whisperers. The Window Whisperers will be installed on the glass doors of select Toys R Us stores, converting the doors into speakers, which will captivate passing consumers' interest via unexpected and intense robotic dinosaur screeches.

"Via the in-store sound and imagery we are able to bring the brand alive and highlight the exciting fusion of robotic technology and personality that Roboreptile offers. The TV commercial and marketing campaign peaks consumer curiosity and creates awareness that Roboreptile is now available in all Toys R Us stores," adds Jade Manning, Volcano Advertising Art Director.

"The Toys R Us Roboreptile campaign implemented by Volcano Advertising is expected to entice consumers in-store, drive Roboreptile sales, and highlight Toys R Us as the place of purchase," concludes Issy Zimmerman, Redgwoods Director.

22 Sep 2006 14:14