Volcano PR launches Sony D-SLR camera into the market

Volcano PR has launched Sony's new α(Alpha)100 digital SLR camera with an exciting event at Bakubung Game Lodge. Attended by 19 key photographic journalists, Sony's objective was to introduce the new DSLR camera to the media in an appropriate environment, where the camera is most likely to be used. The event offered the journalists the opportunity to experience all the features and benefits the camera offers.
Volcano PR launches Sony D-SLR camera into the market
Volcano PR launches Sony D-SLR camera into the market
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Sony is the current market leader in the digital 'point-and-shoot' camera market with the Cyber-shot range but is a new player in the digital SLR camera arena. To challenge the growing SLR camera market, Sony bought the assets of Konica Minolta camera division and utilised this base to develop a new digital camera body and a range of 21 lenses.

The objective of launching the α100 at a game lodge was to give the journalists the opportunity to really test drive the cameras under diverse conditions. Famous nature photographers, Daryl and Sharna Balfour, demonstrated to journalists how to compose the perfect wildlife shot.

To further validate the versatility of the camera, a model shoot in the bush was set up where commercial photographer, Michael Knight, explained the functionality of the a100 and shared the secrets of exterior use of lighting for fashion photography.

Using well-known and respected photographers to highlight the features and benefits of the camera to the journalists supported Sony to professionally demonstrate the cutting-edge technology of the new α100 digital SLR camera.

The launches were planned in conjunction with an ATL campaign by Volcano Advertising to synergise the key messages to the target markets. The success of the α100 launch campaign is the direct result of the seamless interactivity of the public relations and advertising divisions in the Volcano Group.
11 Aug 2006 14:40