Explosive success for Volcano's Chappies promotion

Volcano Advertising recently created the Chappies 'Winna Bubbillion' integrated consumer promotion to ensure increased demand for Chappies bubblegum, during the launch of the new Cool Cherry, Wicks and Mixed Mint variants in new 200's pack sizes.
Explosive success for Volcano's Chappies promotion
The 'Winna Bubbillion in X-plosive Prizes' promotion was aimed at driving sales volumes over the promotional period by increasing consumption amongst existing consumers, as well as encouraging new consumer trial and repurchase of the entire range of Chappies base flavours.

The promotion's brand essence of 'Explosive Experiences' was brought to life by offering consumers the opportunity of experiencing the most 'explosive' flavours and winning the most 'explosive' prizes. Promoted in-wrapper (five million Chappies are sold in South Africa every day) and in-store, the promotion was also driven by a television sponsorship with a game show on SABC 1's YOTV Wildroom.

Explosive success for Volcano's Chappies promotion
Explosive success for Volcano's Chappies promotion
With a total of over 124 000 SMS's received, the Chappies 'Winna Bubbillion in X-Plosive PrizesĀ“ promotion generated the highest amount of SMS's received for any YOTV promotion to date.

"The benefit of linking in with a popular TV programme allowed us the opportunity to combine entertainment, innovation and interactivity. It also created a direct link between purchase and participation, by converting viewers to participants at in-store point of purchase. TV, being the most powerful communications tool, was a cost effective awareness builder, creating a successful consumer pull," comments Patrick Lamusse, Volcano Business Director.

The promotion offered consumers the chance to win instant lucky wrapper prizes, plus weekly draw prizes worth over R1 million. Prizes included 12 x R50 000 worth of instant in-wrapper prizes and via SMS entry, two weekly draw prizes on YOTV Wildroom, worth up to R50 000 each.

Over the twelve week period, YOTV presenters encouraged viewers to collect three Chappies wrappers, in order to participate in the competition and every week viewers saw camera footage of video testimonials of the previous week's lucky winners.

The success of the promotion is accredited to the desirable prizes that were on offer, along with the video testimonials of the prize winners. The national scope of the campaign, along with the opportunity to win an instant prize also attracted consumer interest and the on-air element of the promotion enhanced the excitement of the game.

"The Chappies Winna Bubbillion promotion was an explosive success. The strategy implemented by Volcano Advertising effectively achieved the set marketing objectives of heightened brand awareness and increased sales volumes, whilst offering added entertainment value," concludes Ian Jeffrey, Chappies Brand Manager.
9 Jul 2006 09:35