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Chilling with Super M

Super M's infamous characters Baz and Stretch are back, but this time in a brand new interactive website! Firewater Interactive officially launched Super M's new 'Just Chill' website (www.justchill.co.za), and are proud to be the digital agency behind the project.
Using a blend of Flash animation, JQuery and HTML, the site provides a playful and dynamic showcase of Super M's product range. Fans of the low fat flavoured milk are able to hang out in a series of animated 'Chill Rooms', which have all been customised to suit the four different drink flavours. Clickable elements such as fridges and remote controls also appear throughout the rooms, which take fans to different pop-ups where they can watch videos, read product information or view exclusive competitions.

The site also promotes the brand's new 'Super M Live with The Parlotones' campaign, where fans stand the chance to win tickets to select concerts in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town.

"We really enjoyed working with such an amazing brand," says Mark Stecker, managing member of Firewater Interactive. "Super M is the product we all grew up with, so it's great to see it grow from strength to strength. It was an absolute pleasure working with the dedicated Clover Team and we look forward to the future success of their campaign."

7 Mar 2012 11:26


© Firewater Group 2016
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