Nike Lab campaign “Light as a Feather, Strong as Steel” launched using Lytec EL Wire

Tungsten was commissioned by Nike Lab to create an innovative and revolutionary point-of-sale solution, with the theme: "Light as a Feather, Strong as Steel". LyTec Wire was used as the key ingredient both within the stores and at the main shop display window.
LyTec Wire was stretched horizontally across the framework of the POS unit, to highlight the characteristics of Nike's new range. With the shoes strategically placed, it created a perception that the product is light enough to be balanced on a thin wire. When activated, the self-illuminate LyTec EL wire brought a new dimension to the product.

Firewater Light is the official distributor of LyTec EL Wire in South Africa. LyTec Wire is a revolutionary light-emitting product, based on the breakthrough in Electroluminescent (EL) technology. It is a linear 360-degree-bendable, self-illuminate wire, which is remarkably durable, safe and energy-efficient. LyTec Wire can be powered by battery-operated drivers or by a mains outlet; it emits light along its entire length as well as its circumference. LyTec comes in a wide variety of colours, and is cool to the touch. The innovative Electroluminescence (EL) lighting wire is flexible, available in a wide range of diameters and can be cut into any length precisely, from centimeters to hundreds of metres.

Please visit our website or contact us for further information about Lytec and our other exciting promotional items -, or call +27 11 262 6056.

19 Feb 2009 12:44


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