Euro RSCG SA's "Lighthouse" illuminates the global warming crisis

Euro RSCG SA is spearheading the Justice for Climate Control campaign in South Africa, urging all South Africans to put their weight behind stopping global warming.
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Following on from the global “tck tck tck: Time for Climate Justice” campaign, created by Euro RSCG Worldwide, the local agency continues to raise awareness about climate change, this time through print ad, “Lighthouse”.

“The biggest threat of global warming is the melting of the polar icecaps and the subsequent rise of the sea level,” says creative director James Daniels. “Using a lighthouse overlooking a city dramatises this, showing the mass destruction that will be caused if coastal cities are engulfed.”

The ad exhorts: “We have to change. Before the earth does. Be part of it.” and directs readers to Chris Crawford and Laura May Vale were the art directors, Justin Wanliss the copywriter, David Prior the photographer, and George Greyling the digital artist.

8 Dec 2009 11:40


It's a real shame that it's just a print ad and not a genuine piece of outdoor. Imagine how amazing placing a real lighthouse on Northcliff hill would have been?

Oh well.
Posted on 8 Dec 2009 12:27
This is ridiculous! An issue as crucial and in need of support and understanding as climate change needs communication that makes sense to everybody, not just people who work in advertising.

This sort of stuff should be kept for clients and issues that are irrelevant. I'm so sick of advertisers trying to show each other how clever they are.

Get real, Euro!
Posted on 8 Dec 2009 12:28
@ impact-
brilliant idea, I hope someone from Euro reads this.
Posted on 8 Dec 2009 22:22
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