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It's a knock-out with OwenKessel's new Amstel TVC

The team at OwenKessel is set to engage their audiences on an emotional level with a quintessential South African TVC for Amstel Lager.
It's a knock-out with OwenKessel's new Amstel TVC
The advert takes its inspiration from the well-loved boxing tradition in South Africa and tells a story of a semi-pro who, having initially cut corners in his training, finds himself KO'd in the second round of his first title fight.

The magic happens when we realise that Thapelo "Tick-Tock" Mokoena is not alone. A dejected man, he returns to his community and here the story turns. It is accepted widely in South Africa that it takes a village to raise a boy, or in our case a man. The village in this case is Tick-Tock's community. They never lose faith or hope. In fact they know the secret to his success. If he finds joy in what he does, in how he trains, he'll find the stuff he needs to win. If you take the time to enjoy, success is inevitable. And that's the message Amstel Lager is putting into the world.

It's a knock-out with OwenKessel's new Amstel TVC
"It was critical for us to weave the brand into the story," says OwenKessel ECD Donovan Bryan, "Amstel lager finds a really meaningful role as part of the fabric of the community across the decades; it's a backdrop to the story of Tick-Tock and of course resplendent in the celebration at the end."

Says Felix Kessel, Co-Founder of OwenKessel, "It's fitting that the beer that is slow brewed, extra matured uses this story to make its new positioning clear - taking your time means finding enjoyment in whatever you do. Just like they make the beer. And that's the story we're taking our time to tell."

No strangers to breaking creative boundaries, OwenKessel took Amstel into a brave new space with the 80's inspired yet contemporary TVC and underpinned the authenticity of one of South Africa's best loved brands by shooting the advert in iconic locations around Soweto and Johannesburg.

It's a knock-out with OwenKessel's new Amstel TVC
Although shot over four days, it took a full year to bring the concept to life, paying homage to the ethos of taking your time. Michael Cook and Martin Sing are the creative team behind the TVC. Says Mike Cook, "After you've written a story like this from every possible angle and then a few more, you know that you've arrived at something special when you finally hit that fresh telling - a new take on an old classic. But that itself takes time."

To drive home the message with the utmost creative credibility, OwenKessel employed the talents of award-winning Director, Greg Gray of renowned production house Velocity Films. Greg's experience and gentle treatment of the brief has resulted in a flawless finished product, telling a beautiful, human story.

"Amazing that in this instance the first idea was the right idea. We did go back to the drawing board again and again to prove it and prove that this telling of 'take your time' was the knock-out that would land the Amstel message of taking your time most comprehensively. It took a year of working closely with the brandhouse Amstel Lager team to put the ad together, and if that doesn't play directly into the motif, nothing will," comments Donovan Bryan. "It's a big project that brandhouse has committed to and we are all collectively very proud of the end product. It's an authentic South African story for South Africa's original premium beer brand."

The TVC is an example of why creativity is good for business and how OwenKessel never deviate from groundbreaking ideas that truly stand out. Creative currency is all you have. The better the creativity, the better the result, which is the philosophy the Agency consistently puts out into the world in all projects they undertake.


Client team:
Diederik Vos - Marketing Manager Amstel Lager
Lizeanne Kronk - Brand Manager Amstel Lager

OwenKessel team:
Felix Kessel - Chief Creative Officer
Donovan Bryan - Executive Creative Director
Michael Cook and Martin Singh - Creative Directors
Martin Sing- Art Director
Mike Cook - Copywriter
Helen D'Hotman- Producer

To view the Amstel TVC, please visit

30 Jul 2012 10:53