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JustPlay is more than winning prizes

Website connects companies with interested, affording customers
A new membership based website uses the simple idea of entering a competition and winning prizes to connect companies with potential customers who have expressed interest in their products and can actually afford them.

JustPlay offers members an opportunity to enter hassle-free competitions and win lucrative prizes ranging from holidays, scooters gadgets and cash prizes of up to R 100 000.

While entering a competition, members get to interact with fun, engaging questionnaires related to a specific brand. The users gets an entry into the competition irrespective of the answers they supply or whether they choose to hear from a brand or not! The product or service they answer questions about is unrelated to the prize on offer which is mostly paid for by JustPlay. This ensures an independent objective response.

Gidon Alter, Chief of Play at JustPlay, says the website helps companies to generate "high quality leads" or customers who are interested in a product or service and request contact with the brand they engage with. These are currently mainly used by hard sales driven services like telecom companies and insurers but have worked just as well for retailers and other types of businesses.

The nature of the questionnaire helps JustPlay to construct a consumer profile and glean valuable insights. For example, why young people are wary of medical aid and insurance companies and whether or not a customer would be prepared to spend R 1000 on a pair of shoes or a gadget.

Alter says the best feature about a digital marketing platform such as JustPlay is measurability and a rich engagement. "Unlike a million pairs of eyes that view a billboard on a highway, advertisers can now measure how much of that translates to meaningful leads and actual sales".

JustPlay currently enjoys about 320 000 members. About 68% of the membership is female and 85%% are in LSM 8+. Alter says that users are attracted by the prizes on offer, which are given away on a weekly basis, as well as by the discounted deals that the website is now able to offer members due to its unique brand engagement mechanism.

It seems that even in the digital world, the best way to speak to customers is to offer them relevant content with an option to take a break as they wish. Members can receive a fortnightly newsletter but can also at any time choose not to receive it and still remain members.

The website design is colorful without being playful or garish, and simple yet elegant. No pop ups to remind you of your last chance to enter or "Win Win Win!" just an easy-to-navigate site that lets you decide the prizes you want to play for.

JustlPlay has managed to rack up nearly 50 000 likes on Facebook. "Our users are very active probably because they prefer the social environment offered by the site where they can share experiences such as winning a prize or using a new product for the first time, " says Alter.

"Another important role of communication in the digital space is to nurture and communicate frequently, without bombardment, and to give users a sense that they are listened to. For example, JustPlay's recent prizes include an Audi A1, a Louis Vuitton bag and a Fossil watch, which were voted for by JustPlay members".

Alter says the next big target for JustPlay is to reach 500 000 members, something he and his team believes can be achieved by or before the first quarter of next year.

16 Oct 2012 12:16


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