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Events and Stories generates 1 500 leads a day

If, like most businesses, the difference between leads and sales is high, it might be time to change the way you generate leads, and Justplay might be the answer. One of the fastest growing online competition sites in South Africa generates 1,500 hot leads a day (that's 10,500 leads a week) for businesses in a range of industries.
The more than 280,000 members on enter competitions by answering surveys; surveys supplied by third party companies, which give consumers the option to opt into a quote or a phone call from that company. Justplayers get to enter competitions whether they opt into being contacted or not, which means all leads are high quality. The surveys are also a great way to inform consumers of new products and their benefits.

"The potential for companies is huge," says Gidon Alter, spokesperson for Justplay. "Not only to generate leads, but to build lists or advertise new products. Justplay can promote a product and generate a lead at the same time, minimising the gap between marketing and sales." A survey extols the benefits of a product and then gives the consumer a chance to find out more or be contacted by a member of the company's sales team.

Justplay signs up 26,000 new members a month
Justplay gives companies access to a current consumer base of 280,000 South Africans, while 26,000 more members sign up each month. The majority (41 percent) is aged between 26 and 35 years. Of these, 51 percent fall within LSM 6-8, drawn to the site for the popular prizes, the average value of which is R10,500. These and the larger value prizes, such as the sporty Audi A1 and R100,000 in cash, see a total of 158,816 surveys being answered each week. That's the same as 40 full planes of people reading about your company's product every day.

At least one prize is given away every week, on both the Justplay site and Facebook page, attracting 850 new members a day. "Even though old members enter competitions multiple times, the rate of new members implies that companies' products are constantly being viewed by new users," says Alter. "What's more, surveys are rotated so that even if a member enters the same competition more than once, they don't answer the same survey twice in a row."

The weekly prize draws keep players coming back. The range of prizes for July included a JVC TV, two movie tickets a month for a year (valued at R2,500), and R5,000 in cash on Mandela's birthday, among others. "The Facebook page has its own set of prizes and draws for socially interactive players, and keeps members informed of new prizes; as does our weekly newsletter."

About the Justplay site
The site receives 2 million impressions every month, 40 percent of which are from new visitors, making Justplay one of the fastest growing sites in South Africa. We track all the members' activities on the site and provide full reports for companies' surveys so we can tell who opts into which products. It's a great marketing tool for companies and a great way to weed out leads that aren't going to buy. Salespeople waste so much time on unprofitable opportunities; Justplay can put them in the right direction.

30 Jul 2012 11:18


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