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South Africans want free stuff on Facebook

Are fan page updates on your wall the reason you quit Facebook? Then you're like most South Africans. According to a recent survey conducted on JustPlay, the biggest online competition site in SA, most South Africans can only tolerate between one and two updates from a fan page a day. Unless there's a chance to win free stuff.
South Africans want free stuff on Facebook - JustPlayThe survey conducted with over 5 900 respondents on the site measured South African Facebook user habits. Of the 82 percent who had Facebook profiles, a major 46 percent said that two updates a day from a fan page was the max, while 23 percent preferred none. Page admins should think twice before sending a link or comment to their fans for fear of being un-Liked.

Entertain me!
Facebook fan pages are an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers, but only the entertaining pages that do not spam their fans survive. According to the survey 32 percent of the respondents will un-Like a fan page for being boring and 25 percent for spamming them with links and updates (which only 10 percent tolerate by hiding that page's feed). The chance to win, though, engages the most fans: men, women, young and old.

Given that most Facebook users who completed the survey only go onto the social network to keep in touch with friends and family, it makes sense that spam from businesses will annoy them. Unless there's something in it for them.

Incentives to interact: free stuff or discounts?
Of the JustPlayers who responded to the survey and who are on Facebook, 34 percent said they will click on an advert or referral if there's a chance to win free stuff, then an advert for a product which interests them (18 percent), and then on an advert for a guaranteed discount (12 percent). Competitions work better than discounts, but fans love both.

So even though they Liked your page, you won't have fanatical fans or foster customer loyalty unless you keep them interested by holding giveaways, providing a product that meets their interests or granting a discount. In fact, further research at JustPlay shows that the results of market research, acquisition campaigns and other advertising formats are improved when the prize and the product are not directly related.

About JustPlay
As an online competition site, Justplay gives away prizes to consumers who enter draws by answering questions. Need to do market research or measure the response of your advertising campaign? Give us your questions. We'll give away the prizes.

If you haven't already joined the more than 230,000 South Africans on Justplay, you can do so here. Sign up, enter competitions and win.
14 Jun 2012 10:40


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