Interesting collections at SAADA Fair

The South African Antique Dealers Association annually hosts an antique Fair at the Wanderers Country club in Johannesburg. The 2010 Fair included an interesting collection of antiques from dealers across South Africa.
Interesting collections at SAADA Fair
The SAADA Fair showcases the very best that Africa has to offer in the antiques industry and, in some cases, the best collections in the world. Top dealers from around South Africa gathered together to display interesting pieces in their collections.

Says Marylou Bawden, Coordinator of the fair: "One of the most interesting pieces at the fair was from Burr and Muir in Cape Town. The piece was an Art Nouveau table lamp, designed by Roaul Larche, of Loie Fuller, the dancer who was a pioneer of modern dance and well known for exotic dancing with flowing sheets."

Other pieces on display were 1729 Statenbible prints, a 17th century World map, a Jean Gillon lounge chair and ottoman, a rare Victorian silver owl mustard pot with the original mouse spoon, antique corkscrews and a Rosewood Secretaire.

Says Carl Woodland, Chief Operating Officer of Oasys Exhibitions, infrastructure supplier to the show: "Because of the delicate nature of the pieces on display, the infrastructure requires a different approach than that of other exhibitions. Special attention is also paid to the transport of the pieces. We are even more careful than usual when building the shell scheme and ensure that no unnecessary risks are taken that might damage one of these rare pieces."

"We enjoy hosting this fair each year and are always impressed with the quality of items that are on display," concludes Bawden.

2 Nov 2010 22:07