Bringing healthy living to all

Environmental sustainability is fast becoming a priority among individuals and businesses alike. Along with this, an increased awareness and need for healthier living is created. The Look and Feel Good Expo, which recently took place at the Coca Cola dome, addressed important issues pertaining to 'greener' as well as healthier lifestyles.
Heidi Warricker, Managing Director for Biz Events, who organised the expo, says the event focused on six different aspects of healthy lifestyles. "We divided it into sections for health, beauty, fitness, wellbeing, happiness and greening. It was a showcase of products and services that targeted every aspect of people's lives, for vitality and longevity."

The show not only served as a showcase for healthy lifestyle products and services, but also featured a line-up of exciting workshops, as well as opportunities to meet celebrities. Highlights included laughter workshops, a dance and movement stage, free mini health assessments and an opportunity to sample nutritious food in the SABC / Spekko Rice kitchen stand, which was built by Oasys Exhibitions.

Carl Woodland, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys Exhibitions says that, apart from supplying some infrastructure and building a few stands at the show, a stand for the SANBS was also sponsored by the company. "Blood donation gives life, which ties in very appropriately with the theme of the Look and Feel Good Expo. We built a stand for the SANBS, allowing visitors to donate blood at the show."

Concludes Warricker: "The event was a great success and attracted thousands of visitors, while living up to its promise of educating visitors on 'feeling fabulous within and without'. We are pleased that the show has grown in popularity to such an extent, that it also made its debut in Cape Town during September 2010."

29 Oct 2010 11:34