First ever Nightlife and Bar Expo launches successfully

A new and exciting expo, recently launched at Emperor's Palace, is aimed at bringing the 'nightlife' to the night owls of Johannesburg. Oasys Innovations was the preferred supplier to the first ever Nightlife and Bar Expo, which took place from 27 - 29 August.
First ever Nightlife and Bar Expo launches successfully
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Carl Woodland, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys Exhibitions, explained that Oasys supplied the entire infrastructure for the show. "The show utilised 16mm laminated mahogany panels to create an elegant and classic atmosphere with a modern twist". The show has been called 'the largest and most dynamic beverage, food and general "what's out there to do at night Expo ever to Have been presented in South Africa'.

The expo featured the best on offer within the night life scene, including events, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Guests were also entertained by flame throwers, dancers and laser lights. Visitors could also relax at the various cocktail bars and enjoy wine tasting and beer sampling.

Leigh Gander, owner of Event X, organisers of the show, added that the expo also allowed business owners to network. "Although the event did aim to showcase the best on offer in terms of night life, restaurant, bar and night club owners also benefited from the show by being able to connect with other industry suppliers and experts."

"This was a very different show for Oasys to be involved with. South African night life contributes a surprisingly large percentage to the entertainment and leisure sector's economical wellbeing. It will be interesting to watch this show grow," concludes Woodland.
29 Sep 2010 11:11