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Face-to-face with Oasys

The value of face-to-face contact with clients cannot be underestimated. While it is true that technological development has allowed for more flexibility in terms of communicating in the business environment, the importance of personal interaction must not be ignored. E-mails, text messages or even phone calls can never replace face-to-face interaction. In line with this philosophy, Oasys Innovations has embarked on a new, value-add business venture.
Non-verbal communication, such as facial expressions, body language and tone of voice, provides more information than words can. It is an innate part of the human communication process. Therefore, personal contact with clients can allow for more comprehensive communication and can help avoid misunderstandings.

Craig Browning, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys Audio Visual, strongly believes in the power of face-to-face communication and says that a one-year contract was signed with Hyatt Regency Johannesburg Hotel in Rosebank, which enhances the service offering of Oasys. “The agreement involves having Oasys staff members permanently stationed at the hotel. They are responsible for obtaining and installing any equipment that the hotel requires. Small stock such as projectors, screens, and flip charts are kept in a store room on site, while larger equipment can be sourced from the Oasys head office.”

Hyatt Regency Johannesburg General Manager, Yann Gillet, says the hotel has already benefitted from the enhanced service offering: “Through in-sourcing technology support we have further improved our competence as a hotel and conference venue. As we have a full-time technology specialist on site every day, we have managed to streamline the various processes that form the basis of a successful event. Signing the contract with Oasys has resulted in not only additional value for us, but also for our clients.”

Browning concludes that contracts such as the one signed with Hyatt Regency Johannesburg holds many benefits. “If problems occur on-site, an Oasys specialist will be right there to sort it out and any questions that a client may have can be addressed immediately. Furthermore, our client does not carry a cost risk in terms of equipment breaking or becoming old. It is our stock that is used, which means that the risk stays ours.”

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