Electrical innovation for exhibition industry

The South African exhibition industry is evolving to deliver innovative solutions that would earn them a mention on the international circuit. Oasys Innovations, leading supplier of infrastructure for exhibitions and events, has researched and invented electrical distribution boards tailor-made for the exhibition industry.
Kevin Hughes, Chief Operations Officer for Oasys Electrical
Kevin Hughes, Chief Operations Officer for Oasys Electrical
Says Kevin Hughes, Chief Operations Officer for Oasys Electrical: “With South Africa having become a destination market for exhibitions and conferences, suppliers of infrastructure, including products for electrical efficiencies, have made investments to accommodate the expectations of organisers and end users. We have developed a miniature electrical distribution board with enhanced safety and efficiency features. It has three single phase circuit breakers and an earth leakage switch. The unit has a double void to protect the breakers. Punch-outs were made, through which plugs could be positioned in a recessed mode. There is no need to open the board on-site as it is tested and checked before delivery to the exhibition or show site. Future design improvements include the development of easy access in emergency cases to replace the use of ‘Alan' keys. A performance monitoring bracket was introduced as a standardised link and clipping combination. The smaller dimensions 205x205x80 allow for less obtrusive positioning in the exhibitor's booth.”

300 distribution boards have been produced, which is the equivalent of 1200 shell scheme modules.

25 Mar 2010 11:38