Oasys signs Zimbabwe agreement

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) takes place in April every year and is hosted in Bulawayo where it draws some 100 000 visitors over three days. Brian and Kevin Kennedy, respectively Chief Executive and Managing Director for Oasys Innovations signed a joint agreement with Mr Daniel Chigaru, who is the General Manager for the ZITF. The contract names Oasys as the preferred infrastructure provider for the fair.
(From left) Daniel Chigaru - Kevin Kennedy - Brian Kannedy
(From left) Daniel Chigaru - Kevin Kennedy - Brian Kannedy
Kennedy says that Zimbabwe, along with the rest of the African continent, has the potential to move to the forefront of trade and industry. “Through fairs such as the ZITF, Zimbabwe is making a proactive attempt to improve its commercial and industrial environments, thus reviving its economic infrastructure. If other countries on the continent follow suit, Africa can significantly increase its financial sustainability. We are very excited about the new partnership that was formed between Oasys and ZITF, not only because we are embarking on a new venture, but also since this affiliation enables us to reach out to a country in transformation.”

10 Feb 2010 10:10