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Oasys Innovations takes part in World Cup preparations

In preparation of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, new stadiums are being built and some existing stadiums renovated. The City of Johannesburg has been chosen as the international broadcast host city for this prestigious event and construction teams are working tirelessly to transform the MTN Expo Centre into an International Broadcast Centre in time for the event.
Kevin Hughes, chief operations officer at Oasys Electrical
Kevin Hughes, chief operations officer at Oasys Electrical
Oasys Innovations is responsible for the electrical upgrades as part of the major refurbishments taking place at the MTN Expo Centre. Sixteen full-time electricians have been contracted since June this year setting up the necessary electrical infrastructure in halls 5 to 9 at the centre and providing electrical upgrades for all the meeting rooms and conference facilities. The restaurant area was also modernised which included the fitment of 115 fluorescent lights as well as new cables, distribution board and plug points. Says Kevin Hughes, chief operations officer at Oasys Electrical, “To meet the strict deadlines and requirements of this project we have sourced the best tradesmen, most of whom have worked with us on our other large projects as well.”

Craig Newman, chief executive of the MTN Expo Centre
Craig Newman, chief executive of the MTN Expo Centre
It is expected that 3000 broadcast journalists will be making use of the International Broadcast Centre facilities to deliver World Cup news to an estimated 30 billion people who will be tuning in for the tournament. Says Craig Newman, chief executive of the MTN Expo Centre, “Apart from upgrading the MTN Expo Centre with state-of-the-art communications and broadcast facilities, the overall appearance of the venue will also be more aesthetically pleasing in accordance with international standards.”

The opportunity to host this event is regarded by many as one of South Africa's biggest milestones in recent years and soccer fans from across the globe are eagerly counting down the days to the start of the World Cup. Newman continues, “Hosting the Soccer World Cup creates many opportunities for our country and MTN Expo Centre is proud of the role we are playing in preparing for the tournament.”

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