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Oasys displays new customer focus

Although Oasys Innovations has demonstrated excellent growth since inception in 1977, the company is embarking on an intensive programme to further enhance customer relations. At a recent customer event held at St Johns College on 16-17 July, the company demonstrated its commitment to the exhibition and events industry, in particular, to their customers ranging from organisers, venue owners and end-users.
Oasys displays new customer focus
The event hosted a wide range of clients and industry players. Oasys staff were on hand to discuss new trends and innovations within the organisation as well as to liaise with clients on future partnerships and growth strategies. Says Brian Kennedy, chief executive of Oasys Innovations: “In today's competitive marketplace, sound customer relations are critical to a company's long-term success. As many of our existing customers are global players, the company strives to stay on par with the world's best exhibition and events suppliers. These two days of networking will allow for constructive debates in terms of customer requirements, international trends in innovation within the industry and ways to create opportunities for the future.”

The company is in the process of putting new structures in place to maximise client orientation and to optimise excellent service delivery across all five of their activation companies. Says chief operating officer, Kevin Kennedy: “Some of the guests at this event have been our clients for over 30 years. Our goal is to maintain these relationships as well as to nurture new ones. With processes in place to maximise customer satisfaction, streamline time management and ensure quality control, we will continue to support our customers in differentiating themselves from their competitors by supplying innovative designs and offering greater marketing intelligence.”

Oasys displays new customer focus
Guests were are able to view the latest innovations that have made all five activation companies of Oasys successful - exhibitions, events, audio visual, hiring, and electrical. The company also offered insight into new partnerships on a local and international scale and showcased the talent behind their success, their employees.

Says Herman Mashaba, shareholder and non executive chairman at Oasys Innovations: “Through this industry we have wonderful opportunities to position our country in world markets. Just thinking of the many activities offered to suppliers as a consequence of Soccer World Cup 2010 makes me excited about the future. Events such as this one allow for extended knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. It is good to have a business interest in a company that leads its field in a particular sector, especially if the company invests in innovation, skills development, social responsibility and demonstrates intentions as what has been witnessed over the past few days.”

Oasys displays new customer focus

21 Jul 2009 10:16




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