Oasys hosts own show

Following many positive and innovative developments at Oasys Innovations, South Africa's leading supplier of infrastructure for exhibitions and events, the company will host its own show on 16 and 17 July at St John's College in Houghton.
Kevin Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys
Kevin Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys
Kevin Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys: “As a supplier we have been so pressed for time and focused on projects and special assignments for our customers, that our internal innovations have been implemented successfully but went by somewhat unnoticed. The company has been through a thorough health check and it was found that everything is in good order. However, as exhibitions and events is our core competence we neglect the very things we know best - to go on show with our own marketing collateral.”

Kennedy says that as a consequence of the long partnership between Oasys and Sun International for the Nedbank Golf Challenge, the hotel and leisure group was invited to make a special appearance with their own presentation and selected guests.

“We will demonstrate the innovations that have made all our activation companies successful - exhibitions, events, audio visual, hiring, electrical including our new partnerships on a local and international scale - as well as a strong presence of the talent behind our success, our employees,” says Kennedy.

Although a large contingent of customers, business partners and other stakeholders are formally invited, Oasys company management would like to share its progress with all those who may have an interest in the exhibition and event industry. Tickets may be obtained on the basis of qualification. Please contact Tanya Botha at (011) 210-2500 to secure access.

22 Jun 2009 12:38