An electrical extravaganza for presidential inauguration

Oasys Innovations, a leading supplier of infrastructure for the exhibitions and events industry, was responsible for supplying electrical infrastructure for the presidential inauguration held in Pretoria on 9 May 2009.
Kevin Hughes, chief operating officer of Oasys Electrical
Kevin Hughes, chief operating officer of Oasys Electrical
Due to the nature of this prestigious affair, strict criteria and protocol had to be adhered to. Says Kevin Hughes, chief operating officer of Oasys Electrical: “Stringent health and safety regulations were essential. SANS 10142 compliance is non-negotiable. All installations were checked by government nominated inspectors and engineers ensuring that all installations were of the highest standard.”

The company installed electrical infrastructure, including all lighting, connection of air conditioners and all plug points at the accreditation centre at the Pretoria Art Museum. The highlights of the project were the installations at the Presidential Guest House. Three large dining marquees for high-level foreign and local dignitaries who attended the inauguration had to be equipped with chandeliers, house lights, outdoor flood lights, power points and much needed air conditioning due to the large number of people in attendance.

Included in the project were power points for the kitchen marquees to supply power to all the catering equipment and general lighting. All power for the event was connected through generators and UPS systems to ensure an uninterrupted source of power for the event.

11 Jun 2009 12:34