Oasys Audio Visual joins the TPSA

Oasys Audio Visual announced that they have joined the Technical Production Services Association (TPSA). This association represents individuals and companies who provide a service to the live entertainment and events industry, as well as those supplying technical services for conference and event organisers.
Says Oasys Audio Visual Chief Operating Officer Craig Browning: ”Oasys Audio Visual is looking forward to expanding our knowledge base and sharing our expertise with other members. The association seeks to represent our interests within the production services industry and to introduce and maintain international standards in health and safety. The association also aims to protect our customers, by ensuring that every member delivers their service in terms of these guidelines in an ethical and professional manner. We believe our clients will directly benefit from our membership of the association.”

The TPSA also seeks to promote the advancement of industry specific knowledge and develop the skills of its members. Says Browning: “Membership of relevant industry associations is a great way for Oasys to develop and expand on our employees' skills and knowledge base. There is constant change and innovation through technical advancement within our industry. New products are constantly evolving and our membership of the TPSA is an excellent way to ensure that we are always aware of these and the consequent challenges in delivering a safe and professional service.”

18 May 2009 16:29