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Oasys training and development creates success

The current skills shortage South Africa is experiencing across all areas of the economy is a challenge to any organisation, in any industry. The exhibitions and events industry is no exception and responsible employers are aware of this shortage and are implementing ways in which to urgently address the issue.
Petros Myeni, Human Resources Director at Oasys Innovations.
Petros Myeni, Human Resources Director at Oasys Innovations.
While training and development may be a key part of executive management policy, is this reaching individual employees and assisting them in achieving their goals and improving their qualifications? Oasys Innovations employs 350 full-time staff members and considers training and development a key part of their strategy in ensuring their success. “Oasys Innovations is committed to its internal policies of training and development,” says Human Resources Director Petros Myeni. “Our executive management team places a strong emphasis on this, at all levels of the organisation. High potentials are identified and the heads of our activation companies are tasked with ensuring that this policy is implemented.”

Says Myeni: “Our policy encourages many Oasys employees to improve their qualifications. This has ranged from members of the executive management team, through to experienced designers who wanted to move up in the organisation, into middle or upper level management positions. However I believe that the key to our policy's success is the manner in which it reaches throughout the organisation, improving the qualifications of both white and blue-collar employees.”

Kevin Hughes, Chief Operating Officer for Oasys Electrical has encouraged two of his employees K.D. Matlala and Ronald Shirandza to use the policy to improve their qualifications. Says Hughes: “Last year was exceptionally busy for us, but I encouraged Ronald and Daniel to obtain their wireman's licences. Oasys Innovations covered the costs involved in taking the course and the electrical team offered them a great deal of help, support and advice. The licence involves two days of examinations on the SABS 10142 regulations, ensuring that every electrical installation meets health and safety regulations. Then there are two days of practical examinations. These involve on site testing of electrical installations at exhibitions, factories and houses.” Shirandza is certain completing the course and successfully achieving his licence has improved his future prospects. “This certification gives me both practical experience and educational qualifications. It means an improvement in my salary and more responsibility. Kevin and the rest of the team gave me lots of advice, my colleagues all helped me by picking up the extra workload while Daniel and I studied.”

Other staff members have also benefited from this policy. Jeffrey Skosana is currently involved in achieving his Project Management certificate from Project Management Ideas (PMI) and has recommended it to fellow employee Charles Makombe, who will begin the course in early May. Says Skosana: “Oasys management have supported and encouraged me throughout the process. The PMI course will provide me with an internationally recognised qualification in project management for exhibitions, conferences and events. These qualifications will prepare me to handle all aspects, from human resources, to procurement and risk assessment. I am especially grateful to Patrick Cronning, Oasys Chief Operations Officer, who encouraged me to take this course. The final exam is set in Belgium and is considered equivalent to an NKF level 6 or 7 qualification. I believe our industry needs these qualifications as they set a professional standard, which is recognised and globally accepted.”

Ishmael Atanasi is a financial manager with Oasys and is in the process of completing his Association of Certified Chartered Accountant's (ACCA) qualifications. The final board exam is set in the United Kingdom and is accredited in 173 countries and is a globally recognised qualification. Says Atanasi: “Oasys has fully supported me in my decision to improve my qualifications, providing me with the support and time needed to successfully complete the course. The course focuses on financial reporting and auditing, which are crucial elements in the current economic climate. Our industry deals with partners and clients located throughout the world and I see my new qualifications as a way for me to contribute to the company's success in forming alliances with global players.”

Myeni concludes: “It is good corporate governance to have training and development as a key pillar of management policy. Implementation is a crucial part of this policy and we firmly believe that these benefits must be available to all members of staff. The executive management teams' enthusiasm for the project is critical.”

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