TSHWABAC shows good citizenship

In a recent demonstration of good corporate citizenship, TSHWABAC, hosts for the Pretoria Show and many other exhibitions, events and conferences, facilitated the sponsorship of financial support for one of its disabled employees.
TSHWABAC shows good citizenshipTSHWABAC Chief Executive Wim du Toit: “In the fast-moving exhibitions and events industry, managements often overlook the needs of their own employees who are less fortunate due to physical disabilities. In fact, employers tend to look the other way when approached by disabled job seekers. At TSHWABAC we decided to lend a helping hand as part of our Human Resources policy to one of our new employees who was disabled when he joined us.”

Morné Mostert joined TSHWABAC late in 2008 as a front desk coordinator. Morné was involved in a bicycle accident in 1996 and had to have part of his left leg amputated on two occasions as gangrene has set in. Prosthesis was urgently needed but the cost was exorbitant.

Du Toit says that a call was put out to TSHWABAC friends, and the required funds of R80,000 was soon volunteered, so much so that if the call for sponsors would have been extended, additional funds beyond what was required, would have been achieved. “The support overwhelmed all of us and it is great to see that there are still many people of good character in our Pretoria community.”

Morné says: “The prosthesis has given me a new lease on life and the mobility allows me to perform better in my daily tasks, including extending a stand-up welcome to the many visitors we receive in this part of Pretoria. I cannot thank my sponsors - individual persons and companies - enough for their contributions to allow me to enjoy a measure of quality every day.”

23 Mar 2009 20:00