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An inventory from which to pick and choose

Following a thorough investigation into the supply competence of Oasys Innovations, the company has revealed an insight to some of its stock items as an indicator that projects of any magnitude can be accommodated by its five activation companies, either as individual units or as a collective solution.
An inventory from which to pick and chooseSays Chief Executive Brian Kennedy: “We invest on average throughout our financial year cycle in excess of R1 million every month on new stock and refurbishments, and shall continue to do so in the interest of the infrastructure appearance of organizers and end users. Our total assets are in excess of R70 million and are growing at a pace that will satisfy the demands of both existing and new customers.”

The company now owns 18,600 square meters of marquees in different shapes and sizes in PVC, glass or cassette finish. Different gable sizes allow for the building of structures in marquee proportions, such as a 15m by 270m marquee, 20m by 200m marquee, 30m by 100m marquee or a 10m by 220m marquee. The marquees are modular in design and through gable splits or stand alone structures, many small marquees can be built. The types range from the double-decker Losberger type to Simon Pitcher designs. The exhibitions inventory includes more than 28,000m² 3mm panels which could cover four average sized soccer fields, as well as nearly 27,000m² of shell scheme for booths. Finishing materials include 143 kilometers of aluminium, 5575m² of PST panels and 1947m² of 16mm chipboard panels.

Oasys Electrical boasts with 18 kilometers of cable, 9000 spotlights, track lights and floodlights, 2500 items of fluorescent lighting in various lengths and 700 various distribution boards in various sizes. One of the more recent additions to the Oasys stable is the audio visual unit which can create ambience for any occasion. Their inventory includes 90 kilometers of draping, 120 kilometers of audio and video cable cable, 60 kilowatts of sound and 1 kilometer of trussing.

The offering from Oasys Hiring includes more than 80,000 m² carpet tiles or 320,000 tiles in many different colours. The company has over 7500 various types of chairs and over 1400 various types of tables. The stock items include lounge suites, bar counters, lockable cupboards, display plinths, brochure holders, waste paper bins and umbrellas.

With nearly 60 vehicles on the road all venues and projects are within easy reach. The fleet includes 44 LDV's, 6 forklifts and 4 articulated vehicles.

Kennedy concludes: “We are permanently in discussion with our customers to identify specific items that will further enhance their performance at exhibitions or events. If justified, both in terms of innovation and a sound business case, then we will certainly take this forward for consideration. If we have not addressed this with specific customers, then we now invite them to contact us for further discussions.”

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