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Aerospace success on the ground

Oasys Events was contracted to install the VIP marquees at the African Aerospace and Defence exhibition at Ysterplaat near Cape Town.
Aerospace success on the ground
Aerospace success on the ground
Aerospace success on the ground
Construction was undertaken during the worst storm and weather conditions experienced this year. The marquees were secured using chemical bolts into the flight deck and heavy link chairs as stays to ensure the marquees remained in place during winds of up to 65 km per hour.

Says Richard Mons, Chief Operations Officer for Oasys Events: “This was a real challenge for the team, but our international experience to prepare exhibitions and events in all weather conditions has paid the necessary dividends. This experience also enabled us to construct according to international standards specified for air shows. Due to the involvement of overseas sub-contractors, who act as preferred global suppliers for the interiors for some of the exhibitors, an exceptional world-class standard was achieved. We placed the marquees, also known as chalets, along the taxi and runway areas to enable the exhibitors to entertain their clients with maximum viewing of the show activities from luxurious suites.”

The marquees that were supplied were fitted with glass and solid fiberglass walling for marquees with 54 double glass doors for access into the marquees and onto the verandah areas for viewing. Service doors were also provided for the caterers' requirements. The construction phase took nine days with a team of 15 workers and some of the marquees were placed on raised decks for better viewing. The plumbing, electrical, carpets, landscaping, and general appearance of the chalet line were all coordinated by Oasys Events. All marquees were fully air-conditioned from the air force generators. Each of the kitchens housed in the marquees required constant pumping of water from storage tanks supplied by Oasys.

Says Mons: “We supplied over 2400 square meters of marquees across the flight deck, again upholding international standards. The “Bell-end” marquee was a special feature and enabled up to 200 VIP guests from all over the world to be hosted daily by African Aerospace and Defence to get a prime view of the taxi ways while enjoying meals. As a consequence of the inclement weather, DSTV and LCD facilities were put to good use.”

This was a major international public relations initiative for the air force, as only four of the Grifon fighter jets of the 20 on order were shown to 600 guests and 296 media representatives. Well known brands supplying the defence industry, such as SAAB, Denel, the DTI, ATE, BAE Systems, EADS/Eurocopter, PL Logistics, the Department of Science and Technology, Cobham, Naturelink and others presented their solutions.

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