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Oasys demonstrates corporate responsibility

Oasys Innovations, South Africa's leading exhibitions and events infrastructure supplier, has produced an overview of their corporate social responsibility initiatives which reflects on the company's standing as a corporate citizen.
Oasys demonstrates corporate responsibility
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Says Chief Executive Officer, Brian Kennedy: “Most of our corporate customers have demonstrated their benevolence in terms of support for our communities, thus making a difference in areas such as helping the homeless, orphanages, and supporting education, health and the environment - to mention a few. Although our industry is much smaller than the corporate market, we believe that every contribution, however small, can make a difference. Measures of social responsibility must be intrinsic to a company's behavior and our employees share our objectives in word, deed and material support. I believe that members from our industry should showcase how they embrace our communities through programmes of benevolence, and in so doing raise the awareness of our industry as a collective.”

Oasys Human Resources Director, Petros Myeni, also responsible for coordinating the company's social responsibility activities, says: “Because of the diversified nature of our company - exhibitions, events, audio visual, electrical and hiring, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban - individuals, the groups and the regions all make contributions to communities in one form or another. As a consequence, we have done some internal research and established that since our company was rebranded as Oasys Innovations in 2002, we have spent millions lending a helping hand wherever we can. A fraction of this information was replicated in a pamphlet which covers items such as child care, support for the SAPS, the health and environment sectors, employee volunteerism, material facilitation for congresses with a character of benevolence - and much more.”

Interested persons - customers, suppliers and competitors - should contact Petros Myeni at Oasys Innovations (011) 2102500 or his direct line at (011) 2102546 or e-mail for complimentary copies.

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