Oasys makes French connection

During the two-day visit in February by the President of France, Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy, Oasys Innovations facilitated with state-of-the-art technology and logistical support at one of the meetings at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Craig Browning, Technical Director Oasys Audio Visual: “The event was marked by typical State protocol and security, which presents a challenge to any supplier of infrastructure. With only two hours to complete the entire installation over two levels in the hotel, we had to perform with urgency and precision.”

Browning says there was a strong media presence and 30 internet points with ISDN connection, as well as a live ISDN, had to be installed to enable journalists to do live global broadcasts. LCD monitors had to be connected to satellite links to allow the journalists to view their work.

The main activity took place in the ballroom where a stage and backdrop had to be installed according to Presidential specifications. The 400-strong audience was catered for with a sound system as well as twelve 50” LCD screens for all to view the proceedings. Due to the international flavor of the event, special television lighting had to be supplied for broadcast quality. A plug-in audio bay with 36 points for the media for live broadcasting was an additional communication feature.

“An event of this nature, with its stringent deadlines, allows for a zero margin of error and also placed extraordinary demands on the management of the Park Hyatt who did a sterling job. The logistics were further challenged with all proceedings conducted in French, but we were pleased to be able to help make the French connection work,” concludes Browning.

6 Mar 2008 14:55