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Infrastructure to A1 Grand Prix

The Durban leg of the A1 Grand Prix recaptured much of its inaugural success. Oasys Innovations again provided infrastructure for this event.
Oasys Events provided a hospitality marquee measuring 15X160 meters installed above the pits on a scaffolding deck. Says Richard Mons, COO for Oasys Events, “The scaffolding deck gave the spectators a panoramic view of the track and all the action in the pits. We installed solid floors and carpets throughout, to eliminate the significant noise that marred the event for spectators last year. The marquee catered for smokers with an enclosed area and extractors, dealing with the safety concerns raised by an open fronted marquee with a balcony frequented by smokers over the pits, at last years' event. The entire marquee was enclosed with air-conditioning, which was a challenge due to the height of the scaffolding, but was a welcome addition due to the very hot weather. Oasys facilitated the total infrastructure for the marquee, which included cold storage units.”

Oasys Electrical supplied power and lighting to fifty vendors in various areas of the circuit. Among the most notable were the General Admissions area, Natal Command, the Sun Coast car park, the swimming pool area and the Snake Park. These were mostly for food vendors catering to the public on the stands. Says Kevin Hughes COO for Oasys Electrical, “This year the city commissioned an environmental impact assessment to protect Durban's natural resources and this encouraged us to up our game and deliver a safe and environmentally conscious event.

“Our second marquee located at the Chicane offered the spectators a perfect view of all the action on the day. The drivers, media and many of the spectators follow the circuit to each race location. They can compare 'best practice' at each venue, between Warwicks Sport, the event organiser and Oasys Innovations as a sub-contractor, we believe we excelled in every respect.”

5 Mar 2008 13:24




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