Oasys Innovations purchases Durban-based company ExpoGroup Africa

Oasys Innovations has purchased the ExpoGroup Africa business as a going concern. The sale came as a result of the current owner and CEO of ExpoGroup Lydia Hirschmann, reaching retirement and therefore requiring a business with the skills and expertise such as what Oasys Innovations currently has to offer.
This purchase goes in line with the objectives that Oasys Innovations has to expand the business and have a national footprint. Oasys now has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. As a result of the buy-out Oasys gained 21 staff members who are veterans in the industry and not unskilled as the business was not a start up. Oasys Innovations has gained an experienced skill set through this acquisition.

ExpoGroup Africa is a company that builds and designs exhibition stands, creates and supplies display equipment and provides shell schemes. The synergies are clear as Oasys Innovations is a unique group of companies specialising in experiential marketing conceptualisation, design and development, production and implementation in exhibitions and events catering to the marketing industry. ExpoGroup will change its name to Oasys Innovations and will follow the Oasys Corporate Identity.

Oasys Innovations has over 25 years experience in the exhibitions, events, hiring, electrical components of building successful events and is continually finding ways to bring out the best in its customers' brands and although they have implemented many events within Durban already, the logistical elements of having offices in Durban will be a relief for the events and exhibitions that Oasys will activate for its client base.

31 Aug 2007 11:00