Amazon Cape Town recruiting

XZIBIT created a very unconventional platform for Amazon's recruitment programme through the use of an exhibit at the Career & Training Expo in Cape Town. The online retailer was looking for an innovative method of appointing new staff so XZIBIT convinced the HR team of the power of exhibitions and face-to-face communication.
Amazon Cape Town recruiting
The idea was to provide a modular and portable platform that could be re-used at other events to communicate the brand as fun, dynamic and trendy. An objective was to attract attention and entice students to apply for short term and permanents positions within the Amazon Cape Town office.

Rich fabric prints served as a backdrop to the 12m2 area offset against the blonde pinewood floor. A natural feel was evident as pine wood furniture with exposed grain was placed against the white and orange colour palette. Xzibit produced an oversized kindle replica for a CV dropbox which conveyed the e-commerce platform of the company.

Amazon is seeking teams to serve in call its call centre, build upon their online shopping stores around the world and continue to provide customers with convenience.

Amazon Cape Town recruiting
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13 Aug 2013 08:52


Bandile Daniso
I would like to take part in the Amazon Cape Town. I am currently based in Johannesburg, so if you are still recruiting, please contact me on this numbers (071 0610 313) or email on
Posted on 13 Aug 2013 15:53