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ODM August newsletter

The rate at which the world is adopting digital media in store is staggering. As media hardware devices and software become more powerful, cheaper and easier to use, so too do we continue to see more intelligent solutions being delivered.
ODM August newsletter
These can include linking the digital network to gender or gesture recognition devices, seeing the introduction of footfall counters in store, intelligent ordering of shopping lists and the integration of digital media solutions with point of sale and with mobile devices. In an advertising and marketing environment that continues to be overwhelmingly cluttered, we are constantly reminded of the growing importance of reaching the consumer in store with his or her wallet in hand and of being able to measure the effect that the communication is having on sales.

I know I've said it before - it is a thrilling retail world that we are living in!

Mike Bosman - CEO

ODM August newsletter

ODM at the 2012 Cards and Payment Africa Expo

ODM August newsletter
We recently attended the Cards and Payment Africa 2012 Exhibition at the Sandton Convention Centre. The exhibition which ran from the 13-14th of March not only allowed us to showcase some innovative solutions, but also represented a unique networking opportunity to reach potential customers, partners and suppliers.

The solutions that were showcased included our Pick and Watch solution, video walls, (KFC) kiosk, touch table, touch window to one of our new innovations - the ODM transparent fridge Screen which is currently being piloted and will be brought to market soon.

Digital Menu Boards (DMB's)

Only a Matter of Time Before Others Follow

ODM August newsletter
DMB's are rapidly rolling out to Quick Service Restaurants around the country and it is an evolution that will continue to gather pace due to the advantages of being able to centrally control on-site menu boards. The key advantages of the centralised control system are: quick remote or local price adjustments, site specific deals can be scheduled for different times of the day and out-of-stock messages can quickly be placed on the menu boards across the county or at a single site. New-age consumers are also finding the content more engaging. Site profiling allows for relevant content to be scheduled at the restaurant (which means the restaurants are catering directly for their specific consumers). The system can link into the sound system at each restaurant so managers can pick music selections for each site. The technology is also being used to flight staff training programmes to the screens prior to store opening times.

The next evolution is for the system to automatically profile and track consumers so that the menu boards are relevant to clients who buy at that particular site - technology which is good for the consumer and the retailer!

15 Aug 2012 12:55