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Business intelligence services by One Digital Media

Creating long lasting mutually beneficial business relationships is more than selling hardware and software. A true partnership involves offering a range of services that continue to add value long after the sale has been concluded. It's about maximizing the solution by speeding up the return on investment. But how? At ODM we believe the answer is ‘Business Intelligence'.
What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence makes use of a suite of business analytics tools to deliver insights throughout an organization. The system can connect to multiple data sources to drive ad-hoc analysis. Data sources include databases, spreadsheets, and online services. Many of these are constantly updated throughout the day, week or year. 

Business intelligence services by One Digital Media

Whether you wish to analyse your sales trends, help-desk tickets or team KPI’s, BI makes the job easier by crunching the numbers for you and presenting them in a visual way that makes complete sense to you. Once reports are designed, slicing and dicing your data by Country, Province, region or outlet is straightforward and easy to do.

Utilising the toolkit of visualisation widgets, we’re able to design custom dashboards that present the information that is important to you through meaningful reports.

Everyone with a BI license can create personalized dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business.

How do we do it?

ODM starts off by detailing what data you currently use to drive your business or what data is available for consumption by the BI tools and map out what you wish to see throughout your organisation.
Then, we design a reporting infrastructure (hosted in the cloud or on-site) that will allow for easy access to the data by the BI system.
We then design the reports and dashboards you wish to see and once the data infrastructure is in place, we will create the reports.
Once all the above is in place, we implement the reports and dashboards that you need and publish them to the BI service.

BI System

We utilise Microsoft’s Power BI as the infrastructure and we offer the following services:
  • Hosted data, Report, and Dashboard design – We will host the service for you, allocate logins and maintain your reports and data.
  • BI set-up, Report, and Dashboard design – We will assist you with setting up your own on-site service.
  • Report design – We will assist with custom reports.

What are the benefits to you?

There is so much data available today. Making sense of data and representing it in a format that prompts interrogation of the statistics is the key function of Business Intelligence. It creates the opportunity for management to identify underperforming teams or outlets and find solutions for the cause of the problem. Less time data mining and more time focussed on client services, revenue tasks or cost management.

Take the example of the take-away outlet, this could be a franchise group or a small business owner. Provided with Point-Of-Sale data for analysis, we can assist by looking at sales trends across day-of-month, day-of-week, time-of-day to establish trading patterns. By adding individual time stamped POS line items into the data, we can look at what menu items are popular at specific times of the day and the manager can ensure that there is sufficient stock at those times. All the data is analysed in the background giving you very easy to read dashboards. Busy periods during the day would indicate ideal times to have all staff in store. Combining the dashboards with Digital Menu Boards allows Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) business owners and Franchisors the ability to offer and measure (real-time) the impact of site specific marketing campaigns. Central intelligence marketing is now at our finger tips!
19 Jul 2017 14:33