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One Digital Media - audio service

One Digital Media (ODM), the largest digital signage solutions providers in Africa with over 75 digital communication networks reaching over 2,100 locations, has updated its in-store audio solution.
One Digital Media - audio service
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Music influences moods and behaviour, especially in the retail environment. It is for this precise reason that store designers and marketing consultants are adding audio as an essential addition to store design.

Enhancing 'customer experience' has become one of the most important factors when designing a store or shopping environment. Once a consumer has a positive experience, it is highly likely that they will become a great repeat customer. ODM also understands retailers cater to a range of customer profiles, therefore the right music needs to be played to the right crowd (as any DJ will tell you)! The new ODM digital audio software allows for site or region profiling and even different playlists for different departments in the store.

Jeremy Grant (ODM Business Development Manager) pointed out that ODM has the ability to supply customised audio playlists based on genre and are able to distribute these playlists to multiple groupings of stores in a network. The flexible nature of the system allows clients to play localised playlists in different regions, and to change these playlists throughout the day. In digital-out-of-home lingo, this is known as 'day-parting'.

ODM, through its partners has a significant library of audio tracks, as well as the music expertise to recommend and supply the appropriate music for every client's needs. ODM also has the ability to insert pre-recorded audio 'stings' into the playlists to communicate any specials, or campaign news to customers as and when they become relevant. This allows the retailer to communicate local store messages to their customers.

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16 Mar 2015 13:00