Estée Lauder chooses iMaverick for special festive season campaign

Prestige beauty and skincare manufacturer, Estée Lauder, has chosen newly launched daily iPad newspaper, iMaverick, and its website, Daily Maverick, as part of their "Holiday Style, Perfect Gifts" campaign. Estée Lauder has a range of high-end fragrance, skin-care and make-up brands and is targeting Maverick readers across the various publishing platforms of the award-winning editorial team. The campaign, starting on Monday, 12 December, spans the Daily Maverick First Thing newsletter, the Daily Maverick website and the ground-breaking iPad daily, iMaverick.
Creative material was specifically designed for iMaverick that includes full-page adverts, as well as the Fragrance TV advert, Sensuous Nude.

Bruno Bertrand, Corporate CRM and Digital Executive at Estée Lauder Companies, South Africa, says:" The Daily Maverick has positioned itself very quickly as a media title with a difference, who is not afraid to innovate. Permanent Innovation and creativity is a key imperative for us, and we are continuously seeking new ways to engage consumers, whilst remaining true to our core values."

"Estée Lauder advertising has always been about creating a strong emotional and aspirational connection with consumers, be it in store, via Print or TV advertising. We use digital media to extend this connection with existing and potential new consumers, focusing on the core values of our products and services," Bertrand added.

Included in the campaign is a full edition takeover of the magazine-styled, iMaverick, where Estée Lauder will be the only advertiser featured in the edition on Monday, 12 December. The takeover, sees 20 full page adverts dedicated to the various brands in the Lauder stable and in-store gifting services, where choosing a gift for a loved one is made easy. The adverts are aimed at promoting the various brands and encouraging social media engagement with the Estée Lauder facebook page.

Bertrand explained the rationale of selecting the Daily Maverick and iMaverick platforms: "The flexibility and willingness of the management team to trial new and innovative campaigns that take advantage of the 100% share-of-voice exposure that advertisers receive on the various platforms, was key factor for us. The way brands are positioned on all Maverick platforms is a crucial element for brand advertising and is missing from many other digital publications, which is why we usually shy away from CPM banner campaigns. The opportunity to take advantage of the creative leeway of the iPad, where multi-media and full-page adverts can be used, was also very enticing."

Styli Charalambous, iMaverick and Daily Maverick CEO, says: "We're thrilled to have an international brand like Estée Lauder choose Daily Maverick and iMaverick for part of this campaign. We created both publications with a view to providing premium brands a glossy magazine advertising space in a digital format."

"Over the past two years, we've managed to attract some of the most knowledgeable and interested readers, who focus on quality content. With iMaverick this audience is offered a multi-media reading and advertising experience, utilising the full visual capabilities of the iPad. And for less than the cost of a single full-page placement in a premium print newspaper or magazine, advertisers can now 'own' an entire edition of iMaverick," says Charalambous.

12 Dec 2011 12:51