iMaverick available for free at for now

With weeks to go before iMaverick's iPad app is approved, Africa's only daily tablet newspaper and the third after Murdoch's The Daily, is giving readers the opportunity to reinvent their news experience for free, for now.
"To indicate our readiness to run a daily operation and to give the market a taste of what we'll be delivering, iMaverick has been offering people who love intelligent news and analysis an 80-something page newspaper that helps them make sense of the world," says Styli Charalambous, CEO of iMaverick and Daily Maverick. "While we're waiting for the app to be approved we've put out free beta versions of iMaverick in active PDF format. People can simply download them to their iPad, other tablet, or any device, and then have a look at what they could soon enjoy when the iPad app is approved early September."

The beta version of iMaverick is divided into a number of news sections and the delivery is more like a magazine than a newspaper. "Readers open the newspaper and the first section that hits them is a round-up of some of the world's best news photography showcasing the day in pictures. This is followed by everything smart people need to know about what happened in the world while they were sleeping," says Branko Brkic, editor of iMaverick and Daily Maverick.

"South African news begins with a series of briefs on the most important local news and this can be consumed in a glance. For more in-depth analysis of this country's top political writers like Stephen Grootes, Carien du Plessis, Phillip de Wet, Sipho Hlongwane and Osiame Molefe decode the landscape and reveal the inner workings of parties, politicians and the local zeitgeist," says Brkic.

iMaverick's Africa section includes news in brief and key stories from the continent. "There's a dearth of continental news in daily newspapers and we wanted to do something about this with the most insightful reporting on top stories by people who've been there and know this continent. That's why we brought Simon Allison back to Johannesburg to become iMaverick's African correspondent," Brkic says.

Other new journalists at iMaverick include until recently Oxford-based Rebecca Davis who is well known to people who love and follow Hayibo; and Khadija Patel, whose strong, distinctive style has made her a writer to watch. "These newer writers join our established team which includes award-winning authors Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak, together with J Brooks Spector, Mandy de Waal, and Theresa Mallinson. We'll continue to expand our team over the next month or two as we settle into delivering a daily product that's magazine quality and contains a mix of some of the best long- and short-form writing, together with world-class visuals and photography," says Brkic.

iMaverick is created by the team who brought you Daily Maverick, a game-changing news and analysis site that has achieved phenomenal growth since its launch some two years ago. While the free PDF, which is available for download at no cost at, gives readers a good taste of what iMaverick will contain in terms of breadth and scope, the iPad app will enable the daily tablet newspaper to showcase the full-feature, multimedia capability of tablet publishing.

Five issues of iMaverick will be produced weekly, and additional sections will include cartoons, financial indicators, sports results and the world in numbers.

31 Aug 2011 16:35