Rock jou mielie af...

Just another outdoor music festival? Not quite...
Forget the "same old, same old" commercial acts and traditional venues...

Gauteng music fans can now look forward to an alternative to local South African music festivals:

Just two-and-a-half hours' drive from Joburg and Pretoria; set at the idyllic Tolderia resort, Mpumalanga; offering the best in local rock, reggae and blues showcased as never before, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, rolling green hills, and caves to explore.

Showgear and Rain Productions have teamed together to host the second annual Mieliepop 2012, 26th to the 28th October.

See press for ticket details. "Like" the Rain Productions Facebook page or check out the Mieliepop Festival website,, for more details.

Rain Productions offers state-of-the-art conceptualisation, event design and event management. For more information about the company, visit

Rock jou mielie af... - Rain Productions

24 Jul 2012 13:29