The Trident rocks the Daisies

Rocking the Daisies is the premier music and lifestyle festival in the Western Cape and one of the major festivals in South Africa. With the 2010 festival in Darling, 8-10 October 2010, proving more popular than ever, a special treat was in store for all dance fans as the Trident inflatable venue created an unforgettable electro dance floor.
The Trident rocks the Daisies - Rain Productions
The Trident rocks the Daisies - Rain Productions
The Trident rocks the Daisies - Rain Productions
The trident, introduced by Rain Productions earlier this year, is an inflatable structure that can be customized, to ensure the perfect venue for anywhere up to 1,000 patrons.

With a world class line up including the likes of Phat Jack, Digital Rockit and Ready D, the electro dance floor saw thousands of excited festival-goers experience the Trident venue for the first time. "All I can say is the organisers pulled out all the stops this year with the dance portion of the festival," comments Jill Moss, who attended the festival, "the massive dome that the electro floor was in was just the most incredible thing I've seen at one of these festivals, it really took you from an 'outdoor festival' into a 'space age' venue perfect for electro music."

With a chilly Sunday in the Western Cape, patrons were thrilled to be sheltered by the Trident as they danced the day away. "It really was awesome to not have to worry about the wind and possibility of rain, as the giant inflatable tent created an 'indoor venue' outdoors", explains Natalie Faber, dance music fanatic and Rocking the Daisies 2010 attendee.

In addition the functionality of the structure, the Trident provides the perfect canvas to bounce light off of the solid white walls to create a mind blowing visual experience.
" One of the most amazing things about this structure is its ability to absorb the interior lighting and transfer it through the bottom layer to the top layer transforming it into a glowing orb," explains Etienne Erasmus, MD of Rain Productions, "this glowing effect is most striking when viewed from a distance and a very impressive feature upon arrival."

Rain Productions offers state-of-the-art conceptualisation, event design and event management. For more information about the company or the Trident, visit
21 Oct 2010 11:42