Modern business - master your brand growth with a digital strategy

It's your business and it's so much like you. In every tiny service, in every groundbreaking product, there's a part of your soul, your mind and your very existence nestling and forming the parts that give it an identity.
That brand identity is crucial because, quite simply, it means your business has a position in the market that defines your objective, what you sell, or the service you provide - it's the first rule of business: let your client know you are there.

The nature of business, though - and so it has been since the beginning - is that as technology grows, businesses change, and, as a result, so does the way we start to deal with that growth and change.

And now, well into 2012, the changes we see are all starting to follow one particular pattern: everything is online. The digital age has arrived, and we need to rise with it, and shape our business strategy and brand identity to suit its growth. For here is where you are at this very moment - online, living, doing business - here is where the future lies.

Digital brand identity - the truth

The truth is that most companies operating online today, do not know how to take the power of digital and use it to ultimately make more money. Their social media policy is non-existent, and even those that highlight their brand identity through some form of social media, still lack the policy to make it truly count, where profits should start flowing.

It's simple business practice. Profit is still the primary focus. To make more money, your business must be seen, and to accomplish that digitally, you must embrace every possible part of the Internet experience.

You have to take the level of online visibility you think you have, force yourself not to be happy with that level, and try with everything you've got, to increase it.

Brand management with a great digital strategy

You may be the best, hardest-working, most passionate business-person to ever wander the corporate, retail or service industry, but what you might find now, as the world starts to fall in love with this new age of tech, is that your digital brand identity and digital strategy lack in insight. So let's take it back to basics.

Four easy steps to a digital brand identity

Your brand identity and digital strategy are now both rough and in need of sculpting. You know the drill though: give your brand the same voice you give it when you are not online, and it will soon start to take shape.

To get you going, we've come up with the perfect tool. A wonderful, digital strategy called the four-P strategy. Here it is:
  • Platforms are your friend:

    Your digital strategy needs to recruit any facet of the online world it can. Remember, the nature of digital is that there are a lot of ways to get your message to the people. Think advertisements, applications, and not to mention all the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. It is a storm of information at your fingertips, so use it.

  • Product is a reflection of you:

    As a product, you need to not worry about whether you are conducting business on or off the Internet. It should not make a difference and the two 'areas' should be seen as one big marketplace. Establish presence using websites, online banners, billboards and ads, and build your social media, too - all of these areas give your brand identity, and in turn give your product authority. You are seen as a brand that knows exactly what you are doing, and therefore, are the one to trust.

  • People make it all happen:

    Use your own people as a tool to building your brand identity and digital strategy. Educate those who make up your company - your employees - and you get automatic promotion of your brand. These are the representatives that will use social media, digital marketing techniques, and online features to take your business further. They can't do that, however, without proper nurturing and education, and that's where you come in. Educate your staff, and they will return the favour by being cheerleaders online, for your brand.

  • Perform and your business will shine:

    As you know, there is no business without happy customers. As you combine the above points, keep providing the quality that has gotten you to where you are so far. It's obvious, but the trick lies in making your website, social media, app options, banners, digital advertising work for you in building more trust between your client and your brand. If you make sure that that trust lasts, you are guaranteed to rise to the top of digital business.
Don't delay, now's the time to use the Internet to grow your business, and with these easy steps, you will in no time at all.

Contact WRAPPA Brand Consultancy today and make your brand work for you!

18 Jun 2012 19:41


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