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Ian Chuter films Egyptian ads for Ogilvy Cape Town

Platypus Productions' Ian Chuter recently directed two post-intensive commercials for Cappy, an Egyptian fruit juice owned by Coca-Cola.

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Conceptualised by Ogilvy Cape Town, both ads revolve around an explosion of fruit juice to dramatise the rejuvenating effect of Cappy.

Ian worked with Adrian Bergoff of Killer Robot VFX on the impressive liquid effects, using Maya, After Effects, and ReelFlow, a fluid and dynamics simulator that received a Technical Achievement Oscar.

"Working in 3D liquid is one of the most difficult things to do," Ian says. "Initially, they wanted a shower of liquid, which is what everyone does, but this works better with water than with fruit juice, so I changed it into streams, which is visually more interesting and more original."

Platypus has shot in Egypt before, while Ogilvy Cape Town also has the Schweppes Egypt and Abu Dhabi Tourism accounts, so Ian hopes to see more Arabic work coming into the city.

DOP Vicci Turpin shot the ads at Jarvis Street in the heart of De Waterkant and at 15 on Orange in Cape Town. "Because the ads are aspirational, they wanted somewhere that looked contemporary, not uniquely Egyptian," says Ian. "And the beauty of filming international ads in Cape Town is that the city not only gives us diverse, contemporary locations, but also a variety of cultures and looks from which to cast convincingly."

"In addition, despite it being a normal trading day, all the shop owners on Jarvis Street gave their permission," continued Ian. "It was a fantastic example of Cape Town being film friendly."

The ads are currently flighting in Egypt. For more information, visit

Founded in 1992, Platypus Productions is one of most established commercial production companies in South Africa, but is enjoying a new lease on life since their Vodafone ZooZoo campaign became a global phenomenon.

Representing directors Ian Chuter, Prakash Varma, Vicci Turpin, Fiona Macpherson, and Renee van Reenen, Platypus offers a full-service creative solution for any board, from production to post-production.

5 Sep 2011 00:09