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Adtrack Best Liked Ads July 2010 - June 2011

Adtrack™ is Millward Brown's proprietary advertising testing system, evaluating the impact and liking of all brand advertising in South Africa over the last 27 years, according to the most important critics - the consumer.
Adtrack Best Liked Ads July 2010 - June 2011 - Millward Brown
The Adtrack™ database stands at almost 70,000 TV adverts tested, and more than one million interviews conducted, making this database one of the largest of its kind in the world.

The survey, while identifying the best-liked ads, also underscores some key trends - while the average liking score has improved over time, the number of people who can correctly recall an ad has declined, most likely due to the increasing number of ads being aired each year; in 1984 there was around 500 new ads flighted annually compared to 2,250 ads in 2010, and in the increasingly cluttered and fragmented media landscape, the ability to measure the effect and efficiency of different media activity is paramount. Although noting has been on a declining trend since 1984, there has been an increase within the last three years. There are various reasons for this: the relevance of brands being advertised, increasing media pressure put behind each execution, as well as the high creative calibre of commercials, and thus the resultant increase in liking scores.

FMCG brands are less predominant with fewer ads making the best liked list as compared to previous years; this in part could be accredited to the surge of ads for tech brands. According to the BrandZ study of the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands produced annually by Millward Brown Optimor, technology and telecoms brands continue to grow and now comprise a third of the Top 100 brands compared with a quarter in 2006. This is reflected in the ads in the Adtrack™ Top Twenty Best Liked list, where a third of the ads are for these products, and six of the best liked ads are also brands ranked in the list of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands of 2011: Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Toyota and Blackberry, who feature twice on the list.

LG's '3D Smart TV - More Fun' ad has topped the Best Liked Ad's list this year. The ad was created by HS-Ad, the Global LG Agency. Says Bronwyn Hume, Senior Manager - Corporate Marketing and Strategy Development for LG, "For our cinema 3D launch campaign, we had several core objectives: to introduce our new advanced 3D technology by generating immediate awareness, to gain consumer and industry attention by creating controversy and noise while making 3D TV an industry topic again, and to develop creative that would communicate our many product advantages."

They used a creative strategy that was humorous and witty, a traditional winner with regards to the consumer, and the ad worked across global markets, a win for the savvy marketer in these post recession times as brands continue to feel the impact of the economic downturn.

Adtrack's primary purpose is to help marketers and agencies plan their future media monies more efficiently, while determining advertising likability. Marketers with higher scores demonstrate superior abilities in delivering an ad that is effective in reaching the targeted customers with a persuasive message, and one of the best measurements of advertising results is business results. "People pay more attention to ads they enjoy, and great creative advertising can change business." says Charles Foster, MD Millward Brown, South Africa.

The common ingredients in great advertising is to get the consumers attention, stay true to the brand, affect the consumers brand experience, and engage and entertain while sending a clear and simple message. And time and again we've noticed that the ads that the consumers note and like feature kids, animals and of course some good humour. Coca cola (1993, 1994, 2007), Klipdrift (2005), Vodacom (1998, 2006) and Audi (2002) have evidently found the winning combination and caught the consumers attention, with these brands each winning first place in Millward Browns Best Liked Ads list over the past 27 years, and LG featured third on the list last year.

Kudos goes to these savvy marketers and their advertising agencies for keeping us all entertained over the years and creating great advertising that gets the attention of their most important critics, their consumers.

JULY 2010 - JUNE 2011

1LG 3D TV: More funHS-Ad
2Microsoft Windows phone: Really?Crispin Porter & Bogusky
3Blackberry BBM: DJNet#work BBDO
4Bakers tennis biscuits: GogoOgilvy Johannesburg
5Vodacom: Warra warraDraftfcb Johannesburg
6Toyota Hilux: Man upDraftfcb Johannesburg
78ta: Domestic workersMcCann Erickson
8Klipdrift: Favourite brotherDraftfcb Cape Town
9Coca-Cola: RefreshmentOgilvy Johannesburg
10FNB: AnthemMetropolitan Republic
11Volvo S60: Eye-catchingEuroRSCG
12Panado: ParrotDraftfcb Johannesburg
13Coca-Cola: Snow GlobeMcCann Erickson Worldwide
14Protex Propolis: Barrier ProtectionY&R
15Toyota Corolla: Blue DanubeDraftfcb Johannesburg
16Nestlé: Healthy StartOgilvy Health World
17Lindt Chocolate: Richest flavourGrey
18Audi A4: ChandelierOgilvy Cape Town
19Blackberry torch: Across the worldNet#work BBDO
20Yamaha: Blazing TalentTswelopele Productions

01  LG Cinema 3D Smart TV: More Fun  - Millward Brown
01 LG Cinema 3D Smart TV: More Fun

02  Microsoft Windows Phone: Really? - Millward Brown
02 Microsoft Windows Phone: Really?

03 BlackBerry BBM: DJ   - Millward Brown
03 BlackBerry BBM: DJ

04  Bakers Tennis Biscuits: Gogo - Millward Brown
04 Bakers Tennis Biscuits: Gogo

05  Vodacom: Warra Warra - Millward Brown
05 Vodacom: Warra Warra

06  Toyota Hilux: Man up  - Millward Brown
06 Toyota Hilux: Man up

07  8.ta: Domestic Workers  - Millward Brown
07 8.ta: Domestic Workers

08  Klipdrit: Favourite Brother   - Millward Brown
08 Klipdrit: Favourite Brother

09 Coca-Cola: Refreshment  - Millward Brown
09 Coca-Cola: Refreshment

10 FNB: Anthem  - Millward Brown
10 FNB: Anthem

11 Volvo S60: Eye Catching - Millward Brown
11 Volvo S60: Eye Catching

12 Panado: Parrot - Millward Brown
12 Panado: Parrot

13 Coca-Cola: Snow Globe - Millward Brown
13 Coca-Cola: Snow Globe

14 Protex Propolis: Barrier Protection - Millward Brown
14 Protex Propolis: Barrier Protection

15 Toyota Corolla: Blue Danube - Millward Brown
15 Toyota Corolla: Blue Danube

16 Nestlé : Healthy Start - Millward Brown
16 Nestlé : Healthy Start

17 Lindt Chocolate: Richest Flavour  - Millward Brown
17 Lindt Chocolate: Richest Flavour

19 Blackberry Torch: Across the World  - Millward Brown
19 Blackberry Torch: Across the World

20 Yamaha: Blazing Talent  - Millward Brown
20 Yamaha: Blazing Talent

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