Great Water Baptism

More than twenty-five thousand newly converted UCKG members commit to living a new life spiritually and being good examples of responsible and law-abiding South African citizens.
Great Water BaptismGreat Water Baptism
Great Water BaptismGreat Water Baptism
Ten thousand members of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) repented of their sins and pledged to turn away from all negative influences in their lives before confirming their faith and being baptised in the Ellis Park swimming pool in Johannesburg on Saturday, 4 February 2012.

Great Water Baptism events also took place in all nine provinces throughout South Africa. In total 25 250 people new church members were baptised on one day.

Speaking in Johannesburg, Bishop Marcelo Pires, leader of the evangelical outreach in South Africa, encouraged church members to make the right choices in life. He said: "Our country needs people to change. South Africa needs people to turn away from crime, violence and abuse. Today, through changing our lives, we are reducing the burden on the police force and the law enforcement agencies because we are committing ourselves to living as honest and upright citizens. We need to be good role models for others to emulate both in our homes, our places of work and our communities. Our change in behaviour could change our country in a positive and wonderful way."

Bishop Marcelo said: "Everyone has a choice which spiritual lord, the Lord of Life or the prince of darkness, they decide to serve and how to live their earthly lives. Today you are making a choice which will determine the destiny and resting place of your soul through all eternity. Having made this choice, I encourage you to replace any bad habits with new ones, resist temptation to revert to destructive behaviour and transform all aspects of your life."

Fifty UCKG pastors baptised new church members who had travelled from areas throughout the greater Johannesburg area. Amongst those being baptised were a few people who wanted to recommit their baptismal vows. All candidates have been preparing themselves spiritually from the beginning of the year.

For further information please contact Nametso Mofokeng, UCKG public relations on 011 224 3447.

6 Feb 2012 08:50